Hand in hand can also offer bespoke packages for schools. Working therapeutically within different settings, I have developed dynamic and innovative ways of improving outcomes for children, young people and their families. Creative Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses the arts as a method of healing. Children and young people often find it difficult to express themselves, using the arts, including drama, music and dance. Creative Therapy can be a means of communicating difficult and traumatic emotions.

The bespoke package could be working in groups or 1:1

As a creative expressive therapist I have worked closely with schools to create bespoke programs to meet the needs of the pupils as identified by the staff as needing emotional support. The workshops use the arts as way of helping the young person to express themselves in a safe environment. We have looked at issues around bullying, self esteem, grief and many more.

I provide mindfulness workshops and Emotional Freedom Techniques to encourage relaxation.

Workshops are normally around 45mins depending on what is required. An Example workshop could be;

Do the Venting Dance

Discuss simple movements can help express or vent feelings. Brainstorm ways to vent frustration through movement

Call out different emotions and create a move my to express that emotion

Create a dance routine and choose a song that can accompany

Reflect on how the activity felt, what they enjoyed and didn’t? how did it feel to perform? did movement help vent the intense feelings?


Individual sessions – £45 per session

Six weeks of groups up to 6-8 pupils – £400

Daily rate of £150 (5 hours to suit your requirements )